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  • High-profile Arkema trial ends with no convictions as Harris County judge acquits final defendants.
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  • Charges dropped in Houston murder-for-hire plot case

    Jeffrey Stern had been set for final pre-trial hearing later this week. His lawyer, Paul Nugent, said Tuesday that the Harris County district attorney's office was dropping all charges against Stern.

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  • Charges dropped against Houston developer in corruption case

    Justice Department prosecutors on Monday asked the court to dismiss the criminal indictment against Schatte, and U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes signed an order ending the case the same day.

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  • Stanley Marsh 3 hires Houston Attorney Paul Nugent and Heather Peterson

    The Marsh family have retained the services of Paul Nugent and Heather Peterson, two names any wealthy Texan with a penchant for getting into trouble should have on speed-dial....

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  • HCC hires criminal defense firm after complaint

    The Houston Community College board voted unanimously Friday to hire Nugent & Peterson to defend its chancellor, who is named in a criminal complaint filed by a college trustee.

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